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    Ag-Eco T8 LED Replacement Tubes

  AG- Eco LED tubes are perfect solution for updating your old or broken fluorescent light fixture. Even with more expensive LED tubes you can save money without having to replace whole broken fluorescent fixture, painting the wall around the old fixture and ending up with obsolete flickering fluorescent light again. Installation of the new LED tube is easy, although you'll have to bypass the ballast of the old fluorescent fixture.

  The 4 ft LED tubes fit any light fixture using T8, T10 or T12 old fluorescent tubes in your office or at home. The 2ft LED tubes will fit the T8 2 ft fluorescent fixture.  Besides of power saving feature, you will get cleaner, flicker-free light. The LED tubes don't contain any mercury or other poisons.

  • Replacement for any 2 ft or 4 ft fluorescent tubes

  • 50,000 hours life span (almost 6 years constant light)

  • UL listed LED light tubes!

  • 70% energy savings

Available models

T8 4 ft LED replacement tube, Clear
T8 4 ft LED replacement tube, Frosted
T8 2 ft LED replacement tube Clear
T8 2 ft LED replacement tube Frosted




  T8 4ft Clear T8 4ft Frosted T8 2ft Clear T8 2ft Frosted
LED quantity 288 pcs 288 pcs 144 pcs 144 pcs
LED type 3528SMD 3528SMD 3528SMD 3520SMD
Life Span 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours
UV/IR radiation None None None None
Color temperature 4,500 K 6,500 K 4,500 K 4,500 K
Light type Warm White Cold White Warm White Warm White
Light flux 1,600lm 1,600lm 850lm 850lm
Luminance (5 ft/6 ft) 586/124lx 596/124lx 314/67lx 314/67lx
Power Factor >0.9 >0.9 >0.9 >0.9
CRI >70Ra >70Ra >70Ra >70Ra
Working environment -4F - 113F -4F - 113F -4F - 113F -4F - 113F
Input Voltage 120 Volt 120 Volt 120 Volt 120 Volt
Power consumption 20 Watt 20 Watt 10 Watt 10 Watt
Savings vs. fluorescent 70% 70% 70 % 70%
Certification TUV, UL, RoHS TUV, UL, RoHS TUV, UL, RoHS TUV, UL, RoHS
Size 1 in. dia. x 4 ft 1 in. dia. x 4 ft 1 in. dia. x 2 ft 1 in. dia. x 2 ft
Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years


Bypassing the Ballast on the old fluorescent light fixture



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